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Thank you for your interested in AgForestry Leadership. The application window for Class 43 will open in early 2020.

The Application, Essay Questions, and Self-evaluation can be completed online. The Employer Release will need to be filled out by your employer. FOUR references are required for each candidate. Please mail or email your resume and a signed Memorandum of Understanding to the AgForestry Office. All materials are kept confidential.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must have lived or worked in Washington for at least one year.
  • Employer must approve that you invest the required time to attend all seminars. Those who are self-employed must be able to be away from their businesses for that time.
  • Remain employed in agriculture, forestry or related natural resource industry for the duration of the class.
  • Embrace the Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Statement.

Industry Definitions

Agriculture, forestry, and fisheries are broadly defined to include producers (farmer, forester and fisher), processor/shippers, and marketing/salespeople. It also includes professionals from education, law, finance, insurance, government and non-government agencies whose work is dedicated to serving the natural resources sector. Individuals from other fields such as the environment, media, research, labor, and public relations who demonstrate strong connections to the natural resource industries are also included. An important qualification is the applicant’s current and future commitment to Washington’s agriculture, forestry, fisheries, natural resources and rural communities.

The Agriculture and Forestry Education Foundation, which oversees the AgForestry Leadership Program, strongly encourages a solid representation of production candidates, which are key decision makers for the major production issues in their farming, forestry, fishing or natural resource entity or who spend most of their time in hands-on activities.

Selection Process

Each Leadership Class is selected by a volunteer committee representing leaders in natural resources and approved by the Foundation’s Board of Directors. All applicants will have an in-person interview with the Selection Committee in your region. The selection process is highly competitive. Up to 24 participants are chosen for each class. Applicants are notified of the selection results in early July. Please notify the AgForestry office if you have changes in address, email address, or telephone numbers listed on your application.

Program Commitment

Each Leadership Class is 18 months long, with no less than 58 days of required time and attendance. Your commitment to the program includes attendance at all seminars. There are 11 multi-day seminars held throughout Washington State, plus two travel seminars: one week in Washington, D.C., and two weeks in a foreign country. The cost to each class member is $6,000, although the value is significantly higher. Generous Giving Partners help subsidize the cost to each participant.

Each participant is expected to fulfill the following four commitments:

  • To attend all resident and travel seminars
  • To assume leadership responsibility
  • To participate in post-graduate leadership activities
  • To support the Foundation and the AgForestry Leadership Program after graduation

Please contact AgForestry staff at if you have any questions about the program or application process.

Application Steps: (Updated applications will be posted in early 2020)

  1. 2019 General Application 
  2. Application Essay Questions-see General Application
  3. Self Evaluation-see General Application
  4. Employer Release – Not required if self employed. Please send this link to your employer for them to fill out on your behalf.
  5. References – Four references are required. Reference questions are very similar to the self-evaluation questions found on the General Application
  6. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  7. Resume
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