• Facilitiate relationships between alumni and current class members.
  • Leverage the leadership experience of AgForestry alumni to foster the class members’ leadership development.
  • Provide a new opportunity for AgForestry alumni to ‘give back’ to the program.
  • Cultivate accountability for class members throughout their AgForestry experience.
  • Strengthen the mentoring capacity of AgForestry alumni.

Program Roles:

Mentor: Mentors will share their leadership and industry knowledge, experience, and contacts while serving as a sounding board for leadership focused conversations.

Mentee: Mentees will share their leadership goals along with their individual development plans to direct the conversations and learning

Mentor Resources:

* We are no longer accepting application for the 2020 mentoring program. Check back for the 2021 program *

Required Program Element:

Mentor Application and Selection:

  • Click here to apply.
  • Click here to fill out the confidentiality agreement.
  • We’ll contact you on your mentor match status.

Orientation: You’ll be required to attend a virtual ‘Match Day’ event, which includes an orientation session for both mentees and mentors, a combined orientation, and a private virtual introduction session for each matched pair.

1:1 Meetings: Mentoring pairs will meet on their own for at least one hour (cumulative) each month (September 2020 – August 2021).

Evaluation: At the end of the mentoring year, both mentees and mentors will be asked to complete an evaluation of the AgForestry mentoring program. This will allow the program staff to assess the effectiveness of the program, determine whether or not to continue, and what changes are needed to improve the program.

Optional Program Elements:

Tune-Up Tuesdays: Mentors are invited to participate in the class’s monthly Tune-Up Tuesdays webinars. This is an opportunity to increase understanding of what the mentee is learning and practicing.

Read to Lead: Book Club: Mentor/Mentee pairs are invited to participate together in the Class Book Club. This is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship through shared experience and common language.

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