Help Shape the Future of AgForestry with Seminar Teams

The AgForestry Program is an 18-month, seminar based, leadership development program for adults in the natural resources industries. One of the objectives of the program is to increase the participants’ awareness of various industries and issues that impact our state and natural resources. To achieve this objective, seminars are conducted in various locations throughout the state, each with a focus on a particular industry or issue. In addition to the industry focus area, participants learn and practice various leadership skills at each seminar.

In order to provide the best experience and exposure possible, AgForestry employs the expertise and networks of professionals in each industry and location to plan the seminars. These seminar teams of 3-6 individuals convene on a temporary basis to assist the AgForestry program staff in developing the seminar agenda to meet the learning objectives. 

Seminar Team Members:

  • Attend scheduled conference calls with the Program Manager, usually monthly or as needed as the seminar approaches.
  • Review seminar objectives and provide recommendations for how they can be achieved within the local area.
  • Leverage personal and professional relationships to connect AgForestry with speakers, tours, experiences, meeting spaces, and lodging.
  • As need, desire, and availability arises, Seminar Team Members attend and/or participate in delivering the seminar.  

Please complete the following form if you would like to assist with seminar development.