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Native Plant Salvage Foundation (NPSF) is now recruiting a diligent and enthusiastic AmeriCorps Member to support our classroom‐ and field‐based hands‐on environmental education activities for people of all ages.

This position will serve NPSF through Washington Service Corps for a 10.5‐month commitment beginning on September 15 or October 1, 2020.

Apply today to be part of two‐person staff team—in conjunction with dedicated volunteers and a board of directors—that carries out all the activities of the WSU Water Resources Program and Native Plant Salvage Project. We seek someone who is an enthusiastic learner ready for new challenges that will develop a range of skills, and enjoys working in a team but who is independently driven and comfortable managing specific projects with minimal supervision but regular communication.

Our activities take place in a fast‐paced environment, with multiple projects often occurring simultaneously and in different locations in the South Salish region (mostly in Thurston County) and occasionally in other locations in Washington state.

Term of Service: The term of service will be from September 15, 2020 to July 31, 2021; or October 1, 2020 to August 15, 2021.

Native Plant Salvage Foundation: NPSF supports WSU Thurston County Extension’s Native Plant Salvage Project/Water Resources Program in protecting water resources and fish and wildlife habitat. NPSF builds community capacity through extensive volunteer‐based activities, as well as field‐based and classroom trainings for youth, community members, and specialized professional audiences. Audiences include urban, suburban and rural landowners; residents of marine and freshwater shorelines; highly motivated volunteers seeking to make a difference in their community; members of specific professions, such as Realtors and landscaping professionals; and K‐12 and local college students.

Our organization has successfully mentored 17 previous AmeriCorps members who have gone on to successful careers in ecology, environmental education, sustainable horticulture, agriculture, planning, field biology, parks, and planning, working with government agencies, local and international NGOs, land trusts, and private businesses.

NPSF puts special emphasis on recruiting, retaining, and nurturing dependable volunteers of all ages. Over 400 volunteers annually carry out NPSF’s mission to provide hands‐on education to protect and conserve water resources and habitat from the South Sound prairies to the shores of the Salish Sea. Our year‐round schedule includes a range of activities, such as:
-Native plant salvage events‐‐recovering plants from future development sites
-Nursery activities‐‐propagating and maintaining plants and nursery infrastructure
-Revegetation/habitat restoration‐‐on public and private properties
-Low‐impact development/green stormwater retrofit projects‐‐primarily as part of rain garden and sustainable‐landscaping trainings
-Foundation fundraisers‐‐plant sales, garden opens, and other events to sustain operations
-Multi‐season native plant ID walking workshops
-Workshops to teach sustainable landscaping, revegetation, and green‐stormwater techniques
-Workshops for specialized professional and key‐volunteer audiences

Position Duties: The AmeriCorps member supports the WSU programs and the volunteer NPSF board of directors by facilitating most public communications and promotion of activities, and by supporting field work and workshops. Basic duties include:
-Recruit adult and youth service‐learners/volunteers
-Plan, assist onsite, and clean up from field events and workshops
-Track, organize and report documents for volunteers, donations, and workshops
-Maintain and improve communication with and recognition of volunteers and supporters
-Manage publicity and outreach for NPSF events, using all available media options
-Maintain and improve the NPSF website to: provide broad access to NPSF’s educational resources, communicate activities to the general public, and recruit volunteers and workshop participants
-Maintain NPSF Nursery inventory, tools, and work truck with support from adult and youth volunteers
-Create online and print visual educational content and collaborate in refining/developing workshop strategies and content

Desired Traits and Skills: We seek someone who is committed to working with community members of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to improve the environment locally. The successful candidate will ideally have many of the following attributes:
-Interest in and/or actual experience working in environmental education, botany, natural landscaping, water resources, ecological restoration, communications, or related field
-Precise and creative written, oral and visual communication skills, including independent attention to detail, especially in spelling and grammar, numbers, and date keeping
-Experience as a community volunteer and/or recruiting, recognizing, or managing volunteers
-Comfort with independently managing projects of various sizes, while providing regular progress reports to supervisor and funding partners
-Portfolio of attractive and informative public‐outreach materials for print and/or web
-Computer skills with basic applications in Google Suite, formatted email marketing systems, and Squarespace, in addition to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint or Mac iWork suite
-Experience with or keen ability to learn website management (Squarespace) routines and using online marketing platforms (CRM, Facebook, Insta, Mailchimp, Twitter, etc.) for communication with organizational members, volunteers, members of the public
-Ability to do physically demanding work (lifting, using tools, hauling potted plants) in all types of weather
-Capacity to be flexible and cheerful with shifting priorities, and to juggle competing priorities
-Open to a workplan that mixes indoor administrative and creative work (60‐70%) with outdoor field work (30‐40%)
-Evidence of strong work ethic and independent motivation to accomplish goals
-B.A./B.S. with preference for broad liberal arts background, with emphasis in fields noted above

AmeriCorps Service Requirements: Successful applicants will serve as a member of AmeriCorps, administered by the Washington Service Corps, and must meet the following requirements:
-Must be willing to work many evenings/weekends
-Must be a U.S. Citizen or National, or Permanent Resident Alien of the U.S.
-Must be willing to submit to a background check to work with children and volunteers

To Apply:
Visit for work conditions and compensation details.

Write a letter outlining your interest in this position, including how your background has prepared you for this position and how you hope this experience will enhance your future work or educational plans.

Attach a current resume and any other materials (writing samples, narrative evaluations, letters of support, educational or artistic materials, etc.) that might support your application.
Letters of support are welcomed—they should provide evidence of successful past projects or work that required cooperation, clear communication skills, and strong organizational skills.

Email your letter to: Erica Guttman, WSU Extension Water Resources/Native Plant Salvage Project, at
Feel free to contact Erica by email with questions prior to your application. All qualified applicants from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. We do not discriminate based on sex, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, Veteran status, or other protected classes.

This position will be open until filled. We will conduct interviews in spring/summer 2020; interview timing will be based on finding suitable applicants.

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For more information and a current application (don’t forget to mention AgForestry), please contact Mary Gilmore, AgForestry Class 9 at or 509-960-0041.

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