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The Board of Directors is seeking a driven, positive, and visionary Executive Director to care for, and lead, the Washington Agriculture and Forestry Education Foundation, which oversees the AgForestry Leadership Program. 


“We cultivate leaders who communicate, collaborate, inspire and serve.”

AgForestry is a Washington 501(c)(3) leadership development organization dedicated to advancing the natural resource industries through enhanced understanding, education and empowerment of future leaders.


This is a full time, exempt position that has overall responsibility for all activities of the organization to maximize the viability of a world-class leadership program.  The position will proactively provide the Board with effective advice, counsel, analysis and interpretation of financial and operational data to achieve the organization’s mission and implement the strategic plan.


  • Fund Raising and Investments: Developing short-term and long-term fund raising and investments to cover all costs and leading the program to a self-sustaining future.
  • Continue to Develop and Offer a World-Class Educational Program: Bench-marking with other leadership programs and continually developing the educational content and program.
  • Leadership Classes: Recruiting and selecting a diverse group of candidates for each class.
  • Program Awareness: Increasing the awareness of the program within the state and nationally.
  • AgForestry Alumni: Providing support and opportunities for AgForestry alumni.
  • Staff and Board Support: Developing and maintaining staff and board support for the long-range needs of AgForestry.


The AgForestry office is located in Spokane, Washington. 


AgForestry is renowned for cultivating leaders within the natural resource industry in Washington State.  The AgForestry network is broad and wide and includes commodity growers, producers, ancillary service providers, and government agencies in Washington State and abroad.  We are a culture of collaboration, empathy and participation.

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Date Posted 4/5/2019


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For more information and a current application (don’t forget to mention AgForestry), please contact Mary Gilmore, AgForestry Class 9 at or 509-960-0041.

Posted 4/8/2019

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