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AgForestry Cultivates Leaders


Over 18 months, AgForestry presents 11 in-state, one national, and one international intensive hands-on learning seminars at public/private institutions of higher education, leading businesses, organizations, and in the field.

For each leadership class, AgForestry annually selects 15 to 18 candidates
from a pool of state-wide applicants representing a range of professions and industries including: agriculture, forestry, and fishing (producers, processors, shippers, marketing and sales) and related fields. The selection process is highly competitive. Two classes are conducted concurrently, providing leadership training for up to 36 individual leaders. 


AgForestry Leadership is the only program of its kind in Washington State that specifically focuses on developing adult leaders in natural resources. Strong leadership is needed now more than ever. The AgForestry Leadership Program shapes the future by shaping future leaders.

AgForestry cultivates leaders who communicate, collaborate, inspire and serve.

Thoughts about AgForestry

“I can truly say that my experience in AgForestry was a large cornerstone of my leadership development. I cherish that experience. “
Vicki Christiansen (Class 12)
Chief of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service

“Port Blakely has been supporting and sending employees through the AgForestry Leadership Program for over 20 years. Our company and industry need forward-thinking, solutions-oriented leaders to make sure we can effectively address issues that affect not only us, but our local and global communities. We have benefited from AgForestry first-hand and know the program is world class in developing leaders in natural resources."
Court Stanley (Class 21)
President of Port Blakely U.S. Forestry
"Discussions of “leadership” are so pervasive in corporate and popular culture that the practice of leadership can be overlooked. I draw upon the skills and tools acquired through AgForestry when I face difficult decisions, strategize new professional pursuits, and speak to issues which matter for all of us in agriculture. When I recall AgForestry’s urging to “be a leader,” I feel as supported by that ethic today as I did when I went through the program."
Mel (Melva) Calloway (Class 34)
Owner Calloway NW, LLC & JH Bany Company, LLC
"Going through AgForestry means one 'a-ha!' moment after another, as you learn to identify and understand the forces that are at work throughout our communities. For me it was like riding an elevator from the ground floor up to the top of a very tall building - you step out to the edge and see, in a whole new way, how things connect and interact...I came away not only with an even stronger love of learning, but with a much broader perspective that changed my life and equipped me to make a positive difference where I live."
Senator Linda Evens Parlette (Class 2)
12th Legislative District - Retired
“The AgForestry program has produced one crop after another of the leaders who are needed not only by the agriculture, forestry, and fishing industries but also the communities that depend on those industries. My two years in the program encouraged me to look for ways to make a difference where I live, and for the way of life I had chosen, and had much to do with my decision to run for a seat in the Legislature.”
Mark Schoesler (Class 10)
Washington State Senator

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