• This scholarship is available to any cattle producer (beef or dairy industries) located within Washington State.
  • One $6000 scholarship ($3000 per year) will be awarded on a biennial (every other year basis) to be used to pay the full tuition to the AgForestry Leadership Program.
  • The scholarship funds will be remitted directly to AgForestry. No money will be awarded directly to the applicant.
  • If the scholarship winner is not accepted into the leadership program for that year, the scholarship money will be forfeited and either awarded to a different applicant or held for future use.
  • If for any reason, an applicant is accepted into the program, but unable to finish, no scholarship money will be returned to the applicant.
  • Scholarships are open once the application is posted and close on April 30, 2022. The scholarship winner will be announced by July 31, 2022.

Franklin County Cattlemens Scholarship

  • Contact Info

    This application will be forwarded to the Franklin County Cattlemen's Association. A representative from the association may contact you for further information.
  • Industry Information

  • Tell us about your operation or the operation you are employed at.
  • List all related organizations (local, state or national) that you have been involved in. Please include length of time and any leadership roles you held in these organizations. Also, include any higher level education or industry certificates.
  • Share how you hope the leadership skills you'll gain from AgForestry will assist you in the cattle industry.
  • Is there any additional info you'd like to share with us that was not already covered.