Application - Self Evaluation

  • Competency

    Please rate yourself on the following competencies. Specific observations or insights are appreciated.
  • Self-Development

  • Examples: Shows personal commitment and takes action to continuously improve. Accepts assignments that broaden capabilities. Learns from new experiences and structured learning. Makes the most of available personal/professional growth resources.
  • Decision Quality

  • Examples: Makes sound decisions, even in the absence of complete information. Relies on a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience, and judgment when making decisions. Considers all relevant factors and uses appropriate decision-making criteria and principles. Recognizes when a quick 80% solution will suffice.
  • Self-Awareness/Coachability

  • Examples: Reflects on activities and their impact on others. Proactively seeks feedback without being defensive. Is open to criticism and talking about shortcoming. Admits mistakes and gains insight from experiences. Knows and owns strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and limits.
  • Collaboration

  • Examples: Works cooperatively with others across the organization to achieve shared objectives. Represents own interests while being fair to others and their areas. Partners with others to get work done. Credits others for their contributions and accomplishments. Gains trust and support of others.
  • Self-Motivated & Action Oriented

  • Examples: Readily acts on challenges, without unnecessary planning. Embraces new opportunities. Displays a can-do attitude in good and bad times. Steps up to handle tough issues.
  • Drives Engagement

  • Examples: Structures the work so it aligns with other people's goals and motivators. Empowers others. Makes each person feel his/her own contributions are important. Invites input, shares ownership and recognition.
  • Candidate's Manner

  • Examples: Approaches work in a positive manner on a regular basis and is optimistic and cooperative.